This year we get to enjoy World Sauna Forum for two days in Tampere, the Sauna Capital of Finland! World Sauna Forum is held in 3-4 October. The tickets are available for a Summer price, so get yours now!

World Sauna Forum is the biggest training and networking event around the Finnish sauna experience and its internationalization. It plays a significant role in promoting the collaboration between companies from Finland and all over the world by gathering everyone together. World Sauna Forum offers current knowledge about the best sauna experience in the world and helps people to meet each other to discuss about the future ideas and co-operations.

World Sauna Forum is an event you don’t want to miss if you’re working in the field of wellness or are otherwise interested in the best sauna experience of the world.


Wednesday 2nd of October, 2019

12.00-17.00 | Pre-tour to TylöHelo in Hanko (separate registration)

Thursday 3th of October, 2019

12.00 | Sauna training in English (at Lapland Hotels Tampere) / Saunakoulutusta suomeksi (Saunaravintola Kuumassa)

15.30 | Tour to Rentosauna at Tammer Brands

18.00 | Welcoming event and sauna experience at Sauna Restaurant Kuuma

Friday 4th of October, 2019

Venue: Sauna Restaurant Kuuma

7.00 | Registration opens, Sauna and wellness market building starts

8.00 | Sauna from Finland International Group of Companies represents

9.00 | Sauna and wellness market opens, Matchmaking starts

11.00 | Lunch

11.30 | Moving on to the World Sauna Forum seminar venue (2 min walk)

Venue: Finnkino Cine Atlas, hall 1

12.00 | Welcoming words

12.15 | Emma Seppälä

12.40 | Karl Chi

13.05 | Rentosauna

13.30 | Karhu product design competition (FIN) award ceremony

13.40| Networking, Matchmaking, coffee and snacks

14.10 | Paola Garatto

14.35 | Kimmo Rautiainen

15.00 | Markus Siitonen

15.25 Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate award ceremony 

15.35 | Networking, Matchmaking, coffee

15.55 | Panel discussion

16.40 | Ending words

17.00 – 23.00 | After Party and saunas at Sauna Restaurant Kuuma

Saturday 5th of October, 2019

10.30-17.00 | Post-tour to Lahtiset, Jämsä Sauna Village, and Harvia (separate registration)


Ivan Puopolo


Wei-Kang Chi (Karl)

Founder, Taiwan Sauna Association
Manager, Seth Ascetic

Emma Seppälä

Science Director
Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education

Markus Siitonen

Concept Manager
Sokos Hotels

Kimmo Rautiainen

Head of International Sales

Paola Garatto

Freelance Designer
Currently collaborating with TylöHelo

Panel Discussion

International Business Potential of the Best Sauna Experience in the World

Eero Kilpi

North American Sauna Society

Josefin Roth

Brand Manager of LivNordic / Project Manager at Raison d’Etre

Jake Newport

Managing Director
Finnmark Sauna

Kim Temme

Nordic Sauna

Pekka Lettijeff

TylöHelo Group

Tapio Pajuharju

Group CEO
Harvia Oy



Ticket  includes:

Thursday 4th October: Tour to Rentosauna
Friday 5th October: Sauna and wellness fair, coffee, lunch, World Sauna Forum seminar entrance, afternoon snacks and coffee, World Sauna Forum After Party

Sauna from Finlandin jäsenenä saat huippuedun: näyttelypöydän tapahtumapaikalta. Lue lisää tästä!




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Original Sokos Hotel Ilves & Original Sokos Hotel Villa
Standard 1 person room 132 € / night
Standard 2 persons room 152 € / night

Ilves is located 0,6 km and Villa 1,2 km from Saunarestaurant Kuuma. Ilves’s saunas have an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate.

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni 
Solo 1 person room 138 € / night
Solo 2 person room 158 € / night

Torni is located 1,2 km from Saunarestaurant Kuuma. Torni’s saunas have an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate.

Experience a piece of Lapland in the middle of Tampere! Discount rate valid until 6/9.

Lapland Hotel Tampere
139,00eur / night/ 1 person Comfort
154,00eur / night / 2 person Comfort
159,00eur / night / 1 person Premium de Luxe king
174,00eur / night / 2 person Premium de Luxe king
Breakfast included.

Lapland Hotel Tampere is located 1,3km from Saunarestaurant Kuuma.

Visiting Tampere

World Sauna Forum 2019 is organized in breathtaking Tampere, the Sauna Capital of the World and a city of over 227 000 inhabitants. 

Sauna Capital
Tampere welcomes everybody to its cosy warmth! Tampere has over 30 public saunas in the region for anyone to relax in, throughout the year. Tampere indulges in particular those who love hot steam and ice-cold water, as their region offers the most numerous possibilities in Finland to enjoy this addictive combination.

Tampereans are known for their authenticity and warmth. The same goes for our sauna culture. In sauna we all are equal – and we have public saunas for every taste.

Hey Moomins!
Tampere has the world’s only Moomin Museum, where you can sense the wisdom, humour, adventure and kindness found in all the Moomin books and illustrations. These are also the things that draw enthusiasts to visit the Moomins time and time again!

Hungry for Tampere
Tampere is uniquely located between two big lakes. The clean nature and the countryside surrounds us, and can also be tasted in many restaurants’ menus and drink lists, as well as in the biggest indoor market hall in the Nordic countries, the Tampere Market Hall. Local produce, innovativeness and respect for ingredients are more a rule than an exception in Tampere.

Tampere Nature
In Tampere it’s easy to feel good since the nature is all around you. The lakeside starts from the city centre, and so do the forests. The iconic national landscape of Tammerkoski runs through the city centre, and a bit further into the forest there’s the world’s highest gravel ridge, Pyynikinharju. The two big lakes surrounding the city are just a couple of steps away too.

For peace of nature or something more extreme – Tampere is your place!

Visiting Jyväskylä

Our post-tour takes you to beautiful Jyväskylä, a city of over 140 000 inhabitants located in Central Finland. Did you know that Jyväskylä is a craddle of education and every third person you pass on the street is a student? And that two of the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Finland are in the Jyväskylä region? Read all the interesting facts here.

Top landmarks
Wondering how to spend you time in Jyväskylä beside enjoying saunas and networking at World Sauna Forum? How about a visit to Unesco World Heritage sites or the Art Museum? Check out Jyväskylä’s top landmarks here!

Region of beautiful scenic views
Jyväskylä is located in Central Finland, which has multiple places with breath-taking scenic views. For example you can see the whole city center and more from the Vesilinna (“Water Castle”) observation tower on top of the Harju Ridge. See all the places here.

Restaurants & cafés
Jyväskylä has something for everyone from local specialities to international delicacies. You can choose between fast food and long, enjoyable evenings of taste sensations in award-winning restaurants. We also have a rapidly increasing number of cafés with creative selections of delicious pastries and lunches. Find out where to drink and dine here.

Capital of Alvar Aalto
Jyväskylä is the capital of Alvar Aalto, the world famous Finnish architect. This year is the 120th celebration year of Aalto, and Jyväskylä has several buildings designed by him. (for example Aalto Hall, in which World Sauna Forum is organized!). Check out all the Alvar Aalto buildings here.




In 2016 an idea was born while relaxing in the hot steam of a sauna: a big networking event for sauna businesses from all over the world to strengthen the international markets of the Finnish sauna. Businesses would get a chance to meet each other to discuss about the market potential and latest research of sauna, and also ideas for the future. This would help in the development of the world’s best sauna experience and promote the unique and original Finnish sauna internationally.

In 2017 around 200 sauna and wellbeing professionals gathered together in Jyväskylä, Central Finland, to hear about the latest news, trends, and research around Finnish sauna. The day was memorable and full of new encounters: new partnerships were formed, ideas exchanged, saunas and products tested. Finnish sauna grew stronger roots both in Finland and abroad.

In 2018 in the end of September we gathered together again in Jyväskylä to talk about the Finnish sauna experience in the international markets. We got to enjoy interesting talks and topics, memorable encounters, and a warm atmosphere with a shared excitement towards the sauna. In addition to a wide representation of our network, we had the pleasure to host guests from 10 different countries. World Sauna Forum also raised a lot interested among the international media representatives, who interviewed many people and experienced the varied aspects of the Finnish sauna.

Now in 2019 World Sauna Forum is organized again on 3-4 October in Tampere. The programme consists of speakers, panel discussion, networking, training, experiences and of course sauna. Participants get to hear about the latest news and trends on sauna and wellbeing markets. The goal is to have memorable two days full of new encounters, networking, and wellbeing. The days are full of opportunities to meet potential business partners and exchange ideas.

World Sauna Forum is organized by Sauna from Finland, a network of already 180 companies working for the authentic Finnish sauna experience. Members of Sauna from Finland are developers, pioneers and visionaries of the field. The member network includes stove manufacturers, consumer goods and services providers, accommodation and entertainment facilitators, wellness and design companies and other associations.

From the very beginning the association has been ambitious in creating new innovative business models, renewing marketing strategies and helping the companies succeed in the international markets. It also assists hotels and spas all around the world to implement an authentic Finnish sauna experience – from beginning to end.


Elina Heininen
Project Coordinator
Tel. +358 40 024 3026

Carita Harju
Media Contacts
Tel. +358 40 566 2481

Heidi Säntti
Press Material
Tel. +358 44 201 6582


Sauna from Finland

Sauna from Finland association is a network of companies
working for the authentic Finnish sauna experience.

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