Zachary Mäenpää & Riikka Vilmusenaho

Zachary Mäenpää
CEO of Tammer Brands

Zachary is the CEO of Tammer Brands since 2013. Tammer Brands is a family company run by the third generation. Zachary’s grandfather started the company in 1954. Even at this early stage, the company`s products brought joy and ease to people`s everyday lives. Now this international consumer products company, one of the leaders in its field in Northern Europe, is creating brands that are part of the daily life of consumers. Tammer Brands has over 20,000 products and 50 brands.

Well-known brands are not created by chance. Tammer Brands systematically builds brands that have a flavor of life and the products merit the trust of consumers time and again. Brand building focuses on bringing out the human story behind each products. Rento Sauna is one of the first brands the company created over 10 years ago. Rento Sauna, a brand full of Finnish sauna traditions and the love of Nordic nature is now one of the leading sauna product brands internationally and an ideology of enjoying the sauna in itself.

“If our products bring joy, beauty, benefit and ease of daily life to their end-users we have succeeded in building and producticing our brands. Our mission, the desire to improve the quality of people`s lives, starts from understanding the needs and problems of daily life and of different people. Rento Sauna has succeeded in bringing a part of Finnish nature and the harmony of sauna to everyone who feel the need to relax and take a moment to theirselves in this hectic world.”


Riikka Vilmusenaho
Brand Manager at Tammer Brands Oy

Riikka is one of Tammer Brands’ consumer product professionals,
whose passion is to find and develop high-quality, visually distinctive  and easy-to-use products and product ranges.

For Riikka, sauna is an important part of the home and a way to relax and to ease up after a busy day. Therefore, it is no coincidence that she has been a part of the story of Rento since its early days.