Welcoming event and sauna experience

We welcome you to start World Sauna Forum on Thursday 27th September on a memorable welcoming event and sauna experience at Hotel Alba!

We start the event with a toast and speeches at 16.00. After enjoying refreshing sauna snacks we’ll move on to Sauna of Light Pop Up event, which is located next to Alba. The event consists of multiple saunas and tubs, and you get to test them all! At the same time we get to enjoy lighting installations by City of Light, Finland’s only event dedicated to urban lighting.

After relaxing in the steams and tubs, we’ll enjoy delicious dinner. When we have our stomachs full, you have a chance to continue the City of Light experience and see other artwork around the Jyväskylä city centre.

Is there any better soundtrack for a sauna festival than soul soothing relaxing ambient soundscapes? We’re going to witness a very interesting ensemble at World Sauna Forum welcoming event, when the stage is taken by guitarist Aleksi, the composer of the music for Sauna from Finland promotional videos.

Aleksi will be joined by two very interesting guests: Tapani Rinne (wind instruments) ja DJ Konsta “Muffler” Mikkonen. Rinne’s phenomenal work mixing jazz, techno and ambient since the 80’s is groundbreaking. Mikkonen’s over 100 recordings have made him known all around the world in the electronic music scene.

Tune yourself in the mood with this playlist:

More information:

Welcoming event and sauna experience is included in the first 80 tickets. The tickets have almost ran out, so be quick to ensure your place at the event!

Hotel Alba address: Ahlmaninkatu 4, 40100 Jyväskylä