Wei-Kang Chi (Karl)

Wei-Kang Chi (Karl)
Founder, Taiwan Sauna Association
Manager, Seth Ascetic

• Speaker of Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe Conference
• Project Management Professional
• Intelligent Mechatronic Assistive Devices (MSc)
• Physical Therapy (BSc)

Given Wei-Kang Chi’s background in Medicine and Medical Engineering and his experience in Health and Wellness industry, he started his career at Seth Ascetic in 2015 and has been in charge of business development and system integration. Chi and his team brought the services together that are not only during exercise but also are before and after exercise, such as limousine service and custom meal, providing a complete and amazing experience of exercise or relaxation.

Chi is now putting effort into data analyzing with his team to observe the correlation between training methods and body changes, trying to find out a model to describe the result and to predict the trend; thus they can help people to achieve goals in a safer and more effective way.

Wei-Kang Chi and Sauna

It was in 2017 when Chi was looking for something that has beneficial effects on muscle recovery after exercise, soon he discovered Sauna and Sauna from Finland, and went to the first World Sauna Forum to learn more about building saunas and delivering authentic sauna experience to people.

Later in 2018, Chi succeeded in building Finnish saunas at Seth Ascetic and granting the first international certificate of Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience. This year, 2019, Chi founded Taiwan Sauna Association. He looks forward to facilitating sauna’s knowledge exchange and business cooperation among Taiwan, Finland, and other countries.