Sauna training

Would you like to get current knowledge about the best sauna experience in the world?

How about new ideas to take your business to a whole new level?

Sauna from Finland organizes sauna training on Thursday the 3rd of October at 12-3pm with a theme ”Experience thinking in sauna and wellness business”. The participants will dive deep into the topic of what sauna experience thinking is, how to apply into different kinds of business models, and how to market by using the mandates of the concept. By the end of the training the participants will have understanding about what creates the best sauna experience in the world and how to use the idea in developing and communicating their own businesses.

The training is divided into three sections according to the elements of the sauna experience: before the sauna, in the sauna, and after the sauna.

Part of the training: Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design tutorial by Dr. Lassi Liikkanen. The tutorial of Finnish sauna design considers heat, air quality and structure of the hot room as the main aspects in proper Finnish sauna design. During the workshop Liikkanen introduces the prevailing best practices and research-based insights on how well functioning, experiential saunas are built. The participants learn the essentials of what it takes to recreate perfect löyly experiences regardless or hot room size or heating solution, relying on smart combination of well known solutions. Read more here.

The price of the sauna training is 59€ and it includes coffee, snacks, and sauna experience. The location is Tampere. The exact training place in addition to more info will be published soon.

This training is held in English and mainly targeted for international World Sauna Forum participants.