Markus Siitonen

Markus Siitonen
Hospitality professional, Musician, Collector
Concept Manager at Sokos Hotels

Roots in Savonia-Karelia area, keyboardist in three different bands, servant of his girlfriend and two staffordshire bull terriers.

Markus has over 20 years of experience in hotel business, of which he has been a manager for 16 years. He currently works as the Concept Manager of Sokos Hotel Experience team. The team’s mission is to develop Sokos Hotel’s customer and staff experiences in this constantly changing world.

The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience became one of the fundamentals of the Original by Sokos Hotels brand over five years ago. Almost every Finnish hotel has a sauna, but the customer’s appreciation towards the service has decreased over the years. With new thinking and co-operation with Sauna from Finland, Markus’s team understood the comprehensive meaning of the Finnish sauna experience. The Quality Handbook of the Finnish Sauna Experience lead to new kind of thinking and high-quality sauna experience in almost 20 Sokos Hotels.

Markus’s motto: ”Have a job that gives you more energy than it takes.” We all have a limited amount of energy for each day. By having a job you like you can aim for the situation where you have at least the same amount of energy as in the beginning of the day, if not even more.