world sauna forum goes online

IN 2020,


Let’s get ready for World Sauna Forum 2021 this year with the world’s biggest online sauna event:

World Sauna Forum Goes Online!

Although we cannot meet each other face to face this year, we want to provide you material and information about the multiple aspects of creating and upkeeping an authentic Finnish sauna experience in a home, spa, hotel, health club, or a public sauna.

World Sauna Forum Goes Online is organized on 3-4 December, 2020!
You can jump in anywhere, anytime. 

We are currently updating this website to provide you the best online sauna event experience. Stay tuned!

World Sauna Forum is the biggest training and networking event around the Finnish sauna experience and its internationalization. It plays a significant role in promoting the collaboration between companies from Finland and all over the world by gathering everyone together. World Sauna Forum offers current knowledge about the best sauna experience in the world and helps people to meet each other to discuss about the future ideas and co-operations.

World Sauna Forum is an event you don’t want to miss if you’re working in the field of wellness or are otherwise interested in the best sauna experience of the world.

Get ready for the World Sauna Forum 2021.
See you there!


In 2016 an idea was born while relaxing in the hot steam of a sauna: a big networking event for sauna businesses from all over the world to strengthen the international markets of the Finnish sauna. Businesses would get a chance to meet each other to discuss about the market potential and latest research of sauna, and also ideas for the future. This would help in the development of the world’s best sauna experience and promote the unique and original Finnish sauna internationally.

In 2017 around 200 sauna and wellbeing professionals gathered together in Jyväskylä, Central Finland, to hear about the latest news, trends, and research around Finnish sauna. The day was memorable and full of new encounters: new partnerships were formed, ideas exchanged, saunas and products tested. Finnish sauna grew stronger roots both in Finland and abroad.

In 2018 in the end of September we gathered together again in Jyväskylä to talk about the Finnish sauna experience in the international markets. We got to enjoy interesting talks and topics, memorable encounters, and a warm atmosphere with a shared excitement towards the sauna. In addition to a wide representation of our network, we had the pleasure to host guests from 10 different countries. World Sauna Forum also raised a lot interested among the international media representatives, who interviewed many people and experienced the varied aspects of the Finnish sauna.

In 2019 World Sauna Forum was organized again on 3-4 October in Tampere with pre and post tours to TylöHelo and Harvia. The programme consisted of speakers, panel discussion, networking, training, experiences and of course sauna. Participants got to hear about the latest news and trends on sauna and wellbeing markets. We had two memorable days full of new encounters, networking, and wellbeing. The days were full of opportunities to meet potential business partners and exchange ideas.

World Sauna Forum is organized by Sauna from Finland, a network of 200 companies working for the authentic Finnish sauna experience. Members of Sauna from Finland are developers, pioneers and visionaries of the field. The member network includes stove manufacturers, consumer goods and services providers, accommodation and entertainment facilitators, wellness and design companies and other associations.

From the very beginning the association has been ambitious in creating new innovative business models, renewing marketing strategies and helping the companies succeed in the international markets. It also assists hotels and spas all around the world to implement an authentic Finnish sauna experience – from beginning to end.

Sauna from Finland – the entry point to sauna expertise.


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World Sauna Forum

Today should have been World Sauna Forum 2020 @ Tampere. Lets look how it was year ago and enjoy the awesome atmosphere. Soon we’ll publish more info about World Sauna Forum goes online 3-4.12.2020 -so save the date🙏 ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

World Sauna Forum

The team behind World Sauna Forum! 💪✨ Always at your service! Have a great weekend everyone. 👋 ... See MoreSee Less

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5 months ago

World Sauna Forum

World Sauna Forum is an annually organized international training and networking event for sauna and wellbeing professionals from around the world. It gathers together companies, buyers, and professionals to discuss about Finnish sauna and its multiple business opportunities and potential co-operations.

Check out more information about the next World Sauna Forum at www.worldsaunaforum.fi!

Video shot in Tampere, Finland. Thank you for the video material Visit Tampere!

Also in co-operation: Rentosauna and Visit Jyväskylä.
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5 months ago

World Sauna Forum

Hi everyone! Thanks for your interest towards the event. We are so happy to have almost 1000 followers on this page! 🙏

Unfortunately we have to tell you that World Sauna Forum 2020 is cancelled due to the current COVID-19 situation and the traveling and gathering restrictions. We will put our focus on the next year's event, World Sauna Forum 2021, instead, to create an amazing and memorable event for you! The date of the event will be announced very soon.

And no worries, this fall we will get ready for World Sauna Forum 2021 with World Sauna Forum Goes Online!

The online World Sauna Forum material will give you new ideas and thoughts for you current or upcoming sauna business. We'll produce some interesting content for you about the design and upkeep of the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!
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Elina Heininen
Communications and Event Manager / World Sauna Forum Manager
Sauna from Finland
Tel. +358 40 024 3026

Carita Harju
Executive Manager / Media Contacts
Sauna from Finland
Tel. +358 40 566 2481

Heidi Säntti
Marketing Coordinator / Press Material
Sauna from Finland
Tel. +358 44 201 6582

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